Past promotions

Thonex | Foron 17

Construction of an HPE building in a Development Zone with 13 luxury condominiums
Completion: 2018-2020
Market launch: August 2020
Architects : DVK Architects
TD: Beric Architects
Pilot: FM Management
Civil Engineers: P&M
HVAC engineers: Eco-Building, Puissance 3, BG
Landscaper: Alain Wegmann

Cologny | Villa Individuelle

Construction of a luxury detached villa of approximately 600 m2 with swimming pool, hammam, sauna, spa, and cinema room.
Completion: 2013-2014
Marketing: December 2014
Architects : NOMOS Architects
Pilot: FM Management
Civil Engineers: B+S
CV engineers: Eco-Building
Landscaper: Alain Wegmann

Genève | Florence Parc

Construction of a development zone with MINERGIE standard residential buildings with HM, LGZD rental and PPE; 214 dwellings and 2 shops, basement parking for more than 300 vehicles
Construction: 2010 – 2013
Market launch: June 2013
Architects : KMS Architects
Pilot: FM Management
Civil engineers: B+S
HVAC engineers: BG and Eco-Building
Landscaper: Gilbert Henchoz